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Frequently asked questions

How does Hire Testers work?

Browse exclusive job offers: When you join Hire Testers, you gain access to exciting job offers often not available anywhere else. You can browse, save, and apply to any job opening listed. It's 100% free, no credit card required.
Sit back, and let the opportunities find you: If you choose to upload your resume and share a few key details about you such as your location and skills, your profile becomes available to our in-house recruiters who will contact you when an opportunity that matches your profile opens up.

Can I find work from home opportunities on Hire Testers?

Yes! There are plenty of employment opportunities suitable for work from home. Whether you seek to a full-time permanent position or part-time contractual work, you'll find great employment opportunities at Hire Testers.

Who can see my resume and contact information?

External recruiters do not have access to your personal information unless you explicitly apply for a position and share it with them.
Only our internal employees can see your profile information and resume. We use this information to determine whether you are a good fit for a position for which one of our clients is hiring.
We will ALWAYS contact you to assess your interest in a job offer and would NEVER share your profile information with an employer without your explicit consent.

Can I join if I have no experience?

Our clients generally seek experienced professionals with a minimum of 3 or 4 years experience in DevOps or software testing. There are many great resources available online if you'd like to learn about modern software development practices. Udemy and LinkedIn Learning for example are great places to start!

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